World No Tobacco Day

Written by Swapnil

“Tobacco and heart disease”
No! It not only kills Body; it kills wealth, family and peace as well  Quit Tobacco.”

tobacco disease


This year lets not debate on how cruel tobacco is or who says that Cancer happens to only those who chew or takes tobacco?

Let us accept the fact that tobacco has consumed society, the thought process and even most of our body parts. These things are invisible or rather neglected. Tobacco has become an integral part of our society that majority can’t even imagine their lives without it. The top factor that amused me the most is when one of my friends said that “I can’t‘poop’ without it.

Tobacco is that intrinsic.

The active smokers also attribute to more deaths of non-smokers.
 As per the report of WHO, in 2004, Children accounted for 28% of the deaths attributable to Second-hand Smoke.

What is Second-hand Smoke?
Second-hand Smoking is popularly known as passive smoking, the Second-hand Smoke (SHS) or the Environment Tobacco Smoking (ETS) is breathing in the smoke by the non-active smoker. It happens when tobacco smoke infuses in the environment and gulped by people in that environment. Exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke causes disease, disability, and even death.
There are several controversies and debates over the harmfulness of Second-hand Smoke but in major surveys conducted by the U.S. National Cancer Institute and Centers for Disease Control that more than 80% of respondents agreed with the proclamation that second-hand smoke is hazardous.

Government interventions:

The government in every country knows all the facts and figures on the brutal killing by tobacco. Each year World Health Organization (WHO) shows the penetration of tobacco worldwide but by far not even 10% of the countries have imposed strictest legislations by completely forbidding the sale of tobacco in the country.
According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) of Unfortunately India stands second in the highest tobacco consumption
Printing is not prophylactic in the case of tobacco sale. Just by pasting statutory warnings won’t decrease the consumption of tobacco. When people fail in bringing behavioral change then the government shall certainly impose strict laws to overcome the perilous relentless issue of the country.
Though it is said that government generates the good amount of tax from selling tobacco, that’s why in many countries it‘s partially banned. Conferring on to Addis Ababa Action Agenda, it is important to control tobacco for revenue generation to achieve the 2030 Agenda and sustainable development goals 2030. The agenda states that “price and tax measures on tobacco can be an effective and important means to reduce tobacco consumption and health-care costs, and represent a revenue stream for financing for development in many countries” (Source WHO).

Learning from the neighbor country: Bhutan is the happiest country in the world and also the first nation in the world to completely ban tobacco. The Royal Government of Bhutan in 2004 has taken the historical decision by banning the sale of tobacco at all public places in the country. Later in 2010 Bhutan executed the sternest anti-tobacco statuary law by forbidding the smuggling of tobacco into the country. People found involved in such felony will get three to five years of non-bail able imprisonment.

Consumers’ intentions & intervention:
For the benefit of the citizens of the country, the Government of India has also passed several anti-tobacco laws in India. GOI completely bans the use of tobacco products at the public and workplaces such as healthcare, educational and government facilities, etc. but the ground reality is indescribable. Majority of public chews tobacco and paints the wall of public infrastructure, which by no means looks less attractive to “them” than a piece of modern art. Each ‘Gali’ (lane) of the city has small shops know as ‘gumtis‘ that sells a varied range of tobacco products where people buy and eats it at the same place.
Behavioral change is much required and the problem needs redressal rather than ignoring the facts. People themselves shall restrict the consumption of tobacco and shall understand that it affects them as well as people near them. Tobacco not only takes lives, but it also makes survival miserable as it affects lungs, heart, skin, mouth, breathing, etc. 

In a discussion with Prof. Ujjwal Kumar Chaudhury, head of the School of Media at Pearl Academy, said that “I have been against smoking since childhood and have led anti-smoking awareness campaign in the university and at Symbiosis campus, Pune, where I was Director. From student to professional life I have advocated a smoking free life which is healthier and saves unnecessary expenses as well. And is eco-friendly too.”
From Cancer to breathing disorders to healing issues to problem in skin grafting to increasing pulmonary disorders and what not? The list is endless.
Break the chain, before it breaks your Hearts”!

World No Tobacco Day Facts:
The theme of 2018 for Anti Tobacco day is “Tobacco Breaks Hearts” which focuses on the cardiovascular diseases caused by it. World No Tobacco Day is celebrated on 31st of May every year.
It is one of the most celebrated days in the world that focuses on the health issues caused by tobacco and health complications occurred by chewing it or smoking. The prime focus is to aware the people and prevents all from the health hazards to make the whole world free of tobacco. As per WHO facts every year, more than 7 million people die from tobacco use, with over 80% of deaths occurring in low- or middle-income countries.

It also states that Tobacco use also imposes a heavy economic burden on the world: the cost of smoking alone is estimated to be US$ 1400 billion, or 1.8% of global gross domestic product (GDP), that’s why tobacco use challenges sustainable goals.

“Cigarettes are killers that travel in packs.”

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  • Nice article, 😊😊😊
    Also provide some statistics of people dying of other reasons (means other than tobacco)

    • Thanks for your valuable opinion.

      Dear reader, I appreciate that you asked it, the grounds could be many.
      In many studies, conducted by top research universities shows that smoking and alcohol are amongst the top factors that lead to early death.

      The study conducted by Hannah Ritchie and Max Roser (2018) – “Causes of Death”. Published online at, gives comparisons of risk factors for death, which indicates that Smoking is the second major indicator that causes death worldwide, preceded by High Blood Pressure.

      Other major factors include High Blood Sugar, Obesity, High Cholesterol, etc.

  • Tobacco should be ban. Everyone knows how much this is harmful, yet people are use to of it and now I have seen many childrens who also are ver habitual of these ill habits.
    Government should take some serious steps for tobacco free life-healthy life.

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