World Health Day 2018: Universal Health Coverage

“Health for All” is the slogan for world health day 2018, which is celebrated worldwide and sponsored by World Health Organization. World health day is global health awareness day, which is a part of official WHO’s Global Health Days and celebrated every year on 7th April since its inception.

The WHO was founded on the principle that all people should be able to realize their rights to the highest possible level of health. Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere; has therefore been the theme this year, to promote awareness and to draw attention towards global health.

As per WHO, it will maintain a high-profile focus on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) via a series of events through 2018, starting on World Health Day on 7 April with global and local conversations about ways to achieve health for all.

Why World Health Day is celebrated?

Keeping a vision and mission since inception and birth of World Health Organisation, it completely focuses on better facilities, quality and easy access to health services by everyone everywhere. The first assembly of WHO held in 1948 where the assembly decided to celebrate WHD on 7th April with effect from the year1950. The thought process for celebrating this day was to draw global attention for the importance of global heath care.

Theme, slogan and hashtags for World Health Day 2018:

WHD has different themes every year which focuses on global health and wellness. List of some previous year themes are as follows which is taken from WHO website along with hyperlinks:

  • The theme of World Health Day is: Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere.
  • The slogan is “Health for All”.
  • The primary hashtag is #HealthForAll but look out for posts using #WorldHealthDay as well.

Theme Trend followed in previous years are:


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