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“Good guys go to heaven Bad guys go to Pattaya” first thing I happen to see when I entered walking street of Pattaya. It was flashing on one of the shine boards of a bar. Contrary to this quote, I found some of the good guys as well who were mostly the street performers and guys like me J. You can’t just be a party animal to be there, you ought to a party beast to enjoy the utter madness of this place.

But some might wonder why this street is called a walking street? Is it because cars and bikes are not allowed and you have only option of using your legs. NO, it’s known as walking street because you get sloshed in the craziness, huge crowd, girls and music that you forget with whom you are walking and you don’t even care as you just want to walk and explore more on the street. Well my instinct of exploration once kicked me out of the street in search of “more”.

With this little intro, welcome to the happening world of “Walking street of Pattaya” city. It is actually a part of the beach road of Pattaya. Main beach road turns left to south Pattaya and at the end of beach road start brick-paved road which is called as Walking Street. Vehicles are not allowed on this brick-paved road at the night (from 6pm to 2am). At the end of this road is a famous Hollywood styled Pattaya City sign and Bali Hie-Pier. Also, this is the point where walking street turns left to Pattaya 3rd road and you enters the city again. Parking facility is available at the beginning of the Walking Street only. Okay, that’s enough of GPS data, everyone has google map these days.

Walking Street of Pattaya is probably the most exotic, exciting and famous streets in the world. It is biggest and the busiest party hotspot in the country especially for bachelor parties. There is nothing which you can’t get here, except for peace and calmness. Walking Street is full of life, craziness, style, fashion, beauty, booze and of course the loudest music systems on this planet. For loud music and rock band lovers this place is heaven. You can even perform in any of the bars, it’s all open for public. Wanna booze, ooh yeah! It’s available at every shop as easy as pie.


What??? Bars??? ENORMOUS. You will find them in abundance to gratify yourself. To name couple of more places which might interest you at Walking Street other than bars are several kind of clubs which can be a massive eye candy for some, but that totally up to the liking and is not in my recommendation. It’s just my responsibility to inform you ahead of your trip.

Hotels at Walking Street:

If you are planning to stay at walking street, the news might elate you as there are several hotels and if you want to get some good deals, try booking them in advance from any of the good hotel or hostel booking website from their mobile apps. Though I stayed in central Pattaya at Hotel Zing, which I booked through This was one of my best stays and I found this to be a value for money Hotel. It was very nice, clean and economical to my pocket which costs around 11000 INR for (two rooms booked for 4 nights). If you are planning ahead, cost will go down drastically and will definitely be pocket freindly.

What and Where to feed yourself:

If you are an Indian and especially vegetarian then scope for feeding is limited to only few Thai and Indian restaurants which are available near walking street and most of them were good. There are plenty restaurants to content non-veggies anywhere and everywhere in Pattaya. If you are a sea food lover, it’s going to be a paradise for you which will put you in extreme ecstasy. You may like to enjoy the delicacies made from shrimps, lobsters and squids straight out of sea. Ummm! Isn’t it, mouth-watering? Local food is available easily on the walking street and in several restaurants and bars there. Good restaurants are mostly at the end of the Walking Street and good bars are at the beginning, it’s just like you start with drinks and end with main course. J

Best Time to Visit Pattaya:

Best time to visit Pattaya is from November to February or late March. Weather is mostly pleasant and at its best during this period, which is pretty moderate. Pattaya as well as whole of Thailand is packed with tourists from all around the globe during this period, and you can maximise the probability of meeting new peoples from different countries. You may also enjoy the other locations of Thailand like Phuket Island.

Quick Advice:

If you are planning for Thailand then keep Pattaya in your itinerary and once you are in Pattaya, spend first night on walking street. Because, there is a lot more attractions in Pattaya waiting for you.

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