Tea’se Me: Best place to enjoy variety of Tea’s with great continental food

Yeah! You heard it correct, for the first time ever the lady who always deck up with arms and ammunition when coming to teasing 🙂 is happy to hear and ready share and care about Tea’se Me, one of the Tea Boutiques, which I ended up landing recently in Agra. Here, there is a variety of refreshing teas which will tease your taste buds in many ways.

Since the craving for travelling has already increased (you must have read about the articles available on our website, if not, please do check that out here), I have also started drooling over the delicious delicacies of the world. While recently travelling to Agra ‘the city of Love’, I intentionally dig in a lot about the restaurants, street food and the local food joints, which briskly took me to Tea’se Me for its ambience and good rating on trip advisor and Zomato.

Tea’se Me is a rooftop tea boutique, yeah! You heard it correct, as for the first time I have been to a tea boutique which is in Uttar Pradesh except NCR. Personally I take it as a tea bar and a fusion café which has variety of mouth-watering dishes for your soul. As the name suggests it specializes in tea and ends up with awesomeness of continental and Italian food. You may enjoy the delicacies with tea either in open huts or inside air-conditioned chamber if it’s too hot outside.  Apart from the tea and food, it has really got nice ambience with proper lightings. Pressurized water jets around all the open huts for keeping the environment cool.  It is situated at the rooftop of Hotel M House on Fatehabad road near Purani Mandi Crossing.

While I was wondering how many teas they have, by the time quickly, their very percipient and cordial staff member Sandeep told me that there are more than 50 flavors of tea which has majority of hot Chá (Tea). I decided to try something different in the summer and ordered chilled Mango tea, followed by Hibiscus cold Tea. In the span of several years of my life I have never had such awesome range of tea. It soothes the soul and left you content with its refreshing flavors. They have a range of tea from black to white to green to oolong to herbal to herb spice to fruit flavors and what not. It’s the apposite place for tea lovers. The tea haters shall also visit once to wipe out the myths about the TEAs.

After relishing the awesomeness of tea I swiftly ordered baked cheese nachos (one of my most favourite versions of Nacho) and my friend was keen to try ‘Thyme and Garlic Grilled Chicken’. The quantity of food is pretty good and I was almost full after having nachos, which was even shared by my friend. As I’m pure vegetarian, I was enquiring and poking my friend to share his experience of chicken course grilled with herbs. He was so much indulged in the food that I did not get proper answers while having food.  He then said, “I have dined at so many places all across India and internationally but this dish is different and the best I have eaten so far. Chicken breast was nice and tender and was cooked to perfection with herbs, and its combination with mashed potato, boiled veggies and black sauce. It was complete awesomeness”.

Over all I will give Tea’se Me five star rating and will recommend it to all my readers/viewers who are visiting Agra, India to visit Tea’se Me and enjoy continental food with lots of refreshing Tea’se.

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I will be visiting soon again 🙂

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  • It’s nice to read about a Tea boutique in Uttar Pradesh.I will defiantly try this one when visit the Agra as I am a Tea lover and love to have different type of teas.

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