Memories that never Fades- Ko Laan- Thailand

Written by Swapnil

Most beautiful beaches that I have seen till date are in Ko Laan. My yearn to be a globetrotter, took me to the country of beaches “Thailand”. Siam (Old name of Thailand) has n-number of beaches and probably similar number of Islands, many of them are commercial and to my surprise many are still lonely ones. “Ko Larn” also popularly known as “Ko Laan” or Coral Island is a very small island and is my recommendation to every Thai visitor specially if Pattaya city is in your itinerary. And if it is then you might also be interested in five most important things to do in Pattaya.

The island is 7.5 kms away from the nearest port of south Pattaya and will costs you around 60 baht for round trip by ferry boat. Ferry boats saves on your pocket but takes around 40 minutes to 1 hour for one way, so you should have sufficiency of time and the ride will be awesome. If however, you have dearth of time, you may go for speedboat, which hits the pocket from 1500 baht to 3500 baht, depending upon how effectively you deal and bargain for best price, and you would be able to save 90minutes in whole travel.

Ko Laan has six main beaches named Samae beach, Tawaen beach, Tien beach, Nual beach, Tonglang beach and Tayaiy beach. I focused on Samae and Tawaen beaches, which are clean; less crowded and have azure water. Only these two beaches have decent accommodations if you plan to stay overnight, as the island in itself is very small.

I started from buying a nice transparent waterproof pouch for my cell phone, which I got for 100 baht to secure my cell phone while I will be indulging in the soothing water of Bay of Siam. After doing so for couple of hours I opted for a beach chair, which is easily available for 200 baht to enjoy the calmness and to watch the scenic beauty of Ko Laan from a distance alongside enjoying mouth-watering Thai delicacies.

There are several activities to be enjoyed at the beach starting from snorkelling to parasailing to banana ride to Jet Ski to underwater walk and what not. These activities vary from 1000 baht to 3000 baht. I enjoyed underwater walk for which I bargained from 2000 baht to finally paying them 1000 baht for the activity. I also did snorkelling at the safest area marked at the beach for which I bought a snorkelling gear, which is easily available on the beach shops for 100-150 baht.

If you love silent and soothing beaches with less or minimal crowd then these are must to be visited beaches. I returned to Pattaya on same day by last ferryboat available at 5:30pm from Ko Laan, Samae beach port.

“If you are in Thailand, you got to bargain as much as you can before you make any purchase”


  • South Pattaya to Ko Laan- by ferry boat, 60 baht return and by speed boat- 1500 baht to 3500 baht depending upon the size of the group and the boat size as well.
  • Beach chair- 200 baht.
  • Washrooms for bathing and changing- 50-100 baht.
  • Mobile water proof covers from 50-300 baht as per the quality and bargaining skills.
  • Underwater walk from 1000-3000 baht.
  • Snorkelling: 1000-1500 baht. I recommend you to buy your own snorkel (around 150 baht) and enjoy snorkelling for unlimited period of time.
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